Following several complaints concerning the existence of a bear in the city of  Rasnov the  Bear Team was activated.The intervention team was made up of three representatives from INCDS Brasov (Sirbu George and Jurj Ramon, Spătaru Cezar), a representative from Fundatia Carpati (Voda Flaviu) and representatives from R.A. Râşnov. In order to capture the bear a special cage was used that had cameras with automatic trigger. Once the team arrived at the place they assessed the situation, proposed measures and acted according to the intervention protocol  to capture and relocate the bear. The specimen was tranquilized and measurements were conducted and genetic samples was collected. Also a GPS system was attached, after which the bear was transported outside the city and released in their natural habitat. In early July the bear returned to the city, thus  a new intervention team was activated for the catching and relocation of the bear. The animal was relocated to a significantly greater distance. Now, after following  data from the GPS system, it is not near the city.

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