Still from February, a three years old female bear walked to the garbage collection areas in the Buşteni Castle zone. After a period of monitoring, bureaucracy and other technical training, AVPS Hubertus Feleacu staff (hunting fund manager) captured the bear in the special capture cage. They have called the Life for bear team for tranquilization and completing the relocation.

BEAR TEAM intervened, having all the necessary facilities for doing the job: they tranquilized, took samples and installed a GPS collar. After successfully completing the operations, the young bear walk into the forest within the same hunting ground.

We thank the manager of the hunting unit for his professional involvement in the actions to prevent habituation of bear specimens and to prevent the potential conflicts caused by bears in the localities.

Together with the authorities, we are calling on people not to feed the wild animals because the consequences are harmful to species and dangerous to humans.

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