1. Preparatory Actions:

A.1 Socio-economic interest groups

A.2 Human-bear conflict analysis nationally and locally in the conflict area Brasov – Prahova Valley

A.3 Creditworthiness analysis (quality) brown bear habitat in terms of national socio-economic development in the last decade

  1. Concrete conservation ACTIONS:

C.1 Review of the Action Plan for the conservation of brown bear population in Romania

C.2 Creation and operation of a team of specialists (BEAR CONFLICT) accredited to resolve conflict situations between man and bear

C.3 Capturing, relocation and monitoring problematic bears for the whole project area

C.4 Improve trophic offer in order to favor natural feeding for the bears in the vicinity of the  conflict area

C.5 Develop a set of measures applicable to forest management planning to provide special management measures favorable stands for bears in critical areas.

C.6 Transfer of best practice demonstration of protection systems sheepfolds, orchards, crops and beekeeping farms in order to reduce conflicts between man and  bear

C.7 Developing a database in GIS with the revised project management plan attached for brown bear population in Romania

C.8 Improving the management of household waste in conflict zones and  in the area Brasov – Prahova Valley

  1. Monitoring the impact of the project ACTIONS:

D.1 Monitoring the impact of the project actions on the conservation status of the bear population

D.2 Monitoring the socio-economic impact of the project actions

D.3 Ex-ante Monitoring

  1. Information, awareness and dissemination of results:

E.1The promotio of the project, objectives and results

E.2 Website and discussion forum

E.3 The construction and installation of information boards

E.4 Awareness campaign to promote conservation actions for brown bear and methods to reduce conflicts

E.5 Awareness campaign to promote SCIs and socio-economic benefits

E.6 Develop the final report to the public (Layman’s report)

  1. Monitoring project:

F.1 Project Management

F.2 Exchange with other LIFE projects

F.3 External Audit

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