A1-a study, including the stakeholders’ necessities and expectations analysis
A2-a final report analyzing the human-bear conflicts
A3-a report comprising the comparative distribution of the human factor presence
– a best practice guide useful for the analysis of the carrying capacity of bear habitat, in conflict zones
C1-a report including the topographic plans and the description of the main landmarks of the limits of
the 3 SCIs
C2 -an intervention team (BEAR CONFLICT), formed of certified specialists by Environment Ministry
– 1 technical evaluation guide, for establishing the value of damage produced by bears
C3-20 bear individuals relocated annually into the wild, out of the conflict zones
– a technical best practice guide for capturing, relocating and monitoring the problematic bear
C4-1 activity report, regarding the improvement of bear natural food supply
-a technical best practice guide, regarding the improvement of bear natural food supply
C5-a set of measures applicable in silviculture planning
C6-1 Best practice guide, concerning the improvement of the protective systems of sheepfold and bee
farms, orchards and agricultural crops
C7- a thematic map of the bear distribution and other relevant locations from the project’s area;
C8-a best practice guide for waste management in the bear frequently visited areas.
D1-4 annual reports assessing the project’s impact on the brown bear conservation state
D2-4 annual reports and a final one, assessing the socio-economic impact of the project’s activities
D3–a report containing the evaluation of the initial state of conservation of the brown bear

E1-4 informative events and a final conference
– informative materials: 600 brochures,1 project banner, 900 stickers, 200 posters,1000 ball-point pens
E2-a website and a discussion forum;
E3-12 informative panels
– a final report for the general public
E4-a report drafted for dissemination and increasing awareness of the conservation actions;
– informative materials: 300 posters, 500 brochures, 300 educative DVDs, 23 informative panels, 200
best practice guides for shepherds.
E5-an awareness increasing report, for the promotion of SCIs
– informative materials: 1000 brochures, 300 caps, 300 T-shirts
F1- initiation report of the project
-6 progress reports
F2-a report regarding the exchanges with similar projects;
– attendance of five international conferences, five national,one internal and two external experience
F3- an audit report
F4-an after-LIFE plan.

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