LIFE FOR BEAR project, has a rapid intervention team to rescue bears. It is  available 24/7 and can be called up via the telephone number +40 268 419 936, available from INCDS Marin Drăcea – Brasov .During the 18th of May the team was called by the Director of Local Public Forests Kronstadt, Mr. Dan Olteanu, who requested an intervention team to save a bear cub found in a tree near DN1, inside the village Timişul de Sus near Braşov.The team was enabled and went to the indicated place at about 9:45 p.m.Once the team arrived at the location, assessed the situation, proposed measures and acted according to protocol in order to save the bear cub.After analyzing the situation we found out that the cub was there for a few days and was often harassed by dogs and sat heavily near the road (DN1), where he was very exposed to accidents caused by cars in traffic.The bear had climbed a tree, and at it’s base there were several dogs that chased him.A forester  chased off the dogs and secured the area until the team arrived for the rescue. We tried to capture the bear cub without tranquilization, but he climbed even higher.The bear was tranquilized in the tree and was caught with a blanket.After that he was consulted from a medical point of view and was put in the transport cage.After finishing the action the bear cub was transported to the rehabilitation center in Balan, Harghita county.

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